COVID-19 Consumer Trend Series


Fitness Trends Part II : Brand

And the most common form of exercise at this time? 

Walking, yoga, running and weight training are the most popular home fitness methods people are discussing right now.

Family exercise (10.8%)

There’s still a sense of family unity, even when it comes to exercise. People are finding ways to keep fit, while entertaining their children. And of course, encouraging healthier lifestyles for the younger generation too. Look to engage all age groups in your home fitness program, to broaden your target audience.

Brand led fitness workouts (9.1%)

With gyms closed, many are now engaging their audience at home, by providing their own home exercise and workout classes.

Celebrity fitness (2.5%)

And for every trend, there are always the celebrities that want to be part of it. These people could be identified for future influencer marketing campaigns, if suitable.

Home fitness - brands

Numerous sport brands are included in the conversations, as people reference them in relation to sports equipment.

Technology brands are also popular, as people turn to apps and digital programs to support their fitness regimes. Spotify is of particular note, as people turn to the music app for fitness playlists.

Ongoing consumer trends?

The question is, will these trends continue post-crisis? People are creatures of habit, and these times could be changing the habits we used to know and love. Even once we’re less isolated, COVID-19 may have opened our eyes to other home-based consumer trends. Home working, home exercise and homeschooling could be here to stay.



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