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How to avoid the need to reduce operational costs to offset CAPEX

Craig Adams, Managing Director at Palladium Alpha, the management and consultancy firm in facilities management and project management, explains how investors and developers can reduce or even remove the common need to reduce operational costs to offset capital expenditure (CAPEX) on construction projects, within any industry.

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Why Data Analysis And Automation Should Be Top Priority In 2020

By Tomi Saikkonen-Williams, Vice President at Liana Technologies Middle East. Digital transformation was the buzzword on every market leaders’ lips in 2019 and a surge in the uptake of data analytics was evident. Big data adoption increased by 42% in just three years from 17% in 2015 to 59% in 2018.

Trade releases

Economic effects of the Wuhan Coronavirus on UAE businesses

Neil Burnard, Chief Executive Officer at Expense Reduction Analysts (ERA), UAE, the international cost reduction consultancy that finds savings in overhead cost categories, discusses the impact of the Wuhan Coronavirus on the UAE’s economy.