COVID-19 Consumer Trend Series


Fitness Trends Part 1 : Home

Home fitness

One consistent message globally, is that even during lockdown, people are still encouraged to take daily exercise. More so than they ever have been before. With 66K mentions in March, compared to the 97.6K mentions from the previous 12 months. 

Daily exercise is a huge priority during the lockdown. Even though it didn’t matter much before.

The spikes of gym closures and home fitness peaked a little later, as most closures happened after workplaces and schools. The interesting element here is the second spike which came on Saturday March 21, showing a delayed realization of the impact from people who only use gyms at the weekend. A second spike of conversations discussing gym closures and home fitness, demonstrates that a significant number of people were only impacted once they hit the weekend - demonstrating that much of the fitness market are weekend only users.

Home fitness is currently dominated by user generated content. Everyday social media users providing classes and plans for all.

Home workout videos (31.3%) and home workout plans (19%)

A vacuum quickly formed, with people looking for easy, understandable ways to stay fit while stuck inside. Everyone from personal coaches, to sports personalities, to influencers, have been sharing routines that people can follow along with.

Instagram makes sharing quick and easy routines, quick and easy. And at this time, information overrides the need for polished content.


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