Five Steps To Plan Your Content Strategy


A good content strategy will take your audience from stranger to customer


-Develop a customer persona


-Create a customer journey map and include as many touch points as you are aware of. Next, segment these touch points into what you have access or control of


- Set up your marketing automation software to automate your frequent comms


- Set up your ROI tracking systems for leads & conversions


- Automate a way to track industry news and marketing trends. For example, let’s use the current Corona Virus crisis we are all in. When the first case in the UAE was announced on Wednesday 29th January, what we did was reach out to our clients and issue a response. An example is an expense reduction firm whom we wrote a release for about how businesses could recoup some of their anticipated income loss. That article went into Forbes magazine and our client has had 14 enquiries from around the GCC as a result. Now had we left it as an article that number would’ve been lower. We asked Forbes to post it across their social media channels and tag us in the. We then reposted to our own, using the same #tags and included the contact information. That was a good example of taking people from the stranger/awareness stage right through to the conversion/customer stage using a very short journey. It’s opportunities like these you want to keep your eye out for because it’s these that allow you to create a much shorter journey.


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